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They have a lane for the circulation of drying wagons. The technical part of heating and ventilation is generally above the cars of blocks. PLATROTEC proposes a prefabricated dryer adapted to the continuous production of a molding machine. No pollution. The heating is performed by air vein gas burners. Homogeneous distribution of heat and regular drying of products. The possible installation of the heat recovery system by condensing the steam emitted during drying, provides a yield of 550 Kcal / kg of water. This saving of energy of about 300 Kcal / kg of water compared to the yields of the best dryers not equipped with condensers, makes it possible to envisage a promising future in spite of the prospects of increases on the price of the gas and more particularly in the European countries. Also to get a quick payback of the investment for a condenser dryer, thanks to extraordinary energy performance.