Blood Sampling / Shear / Distribution Valves

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We make precision blood sampling valves, shear valve assemblies and distribution valve sets for use in automated haematology systems. Our products are custom designed and made to meet specific customer requirements for medical diagnostic equipment, clinical systems and analytical laboratory Instrumentation. Our blood sampling or shear valves assemblies consist of a set of two or three precision-made ceramic discs with very precisely machined holes for metering blood reagents. Our distribution valves come in a variety of configurations, typically including a rotor and a stator. All our valves components are made from high purity 99.5% Alumina (CAC995), chosen for its high chemical (acid) resistance and smooth surface finish (2-3Ra). Surface flatness is <1 helium light band. With more than 20 years of experience making blood sampling, shear and distribution valves we offer our customers systematic and critical assessment of features associated with their product to assist them in...

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