Bobbin Wound - Bobbin Wound Stainless Steel Coil



Precision strip used in the manufacture of spiral wound gaskets and other processes such as pressings. Our Bobbin wound material is extensively used in the gasket sealing industry. Bobbins can be up to 15kgs and speed up the change overs and reduce scrap loss. Our spiral wound gasket production facilitates thicknesses of 0.20mm, 0.18mm, 015mm and 0.10mm. Widths come as standard in 5.33mm, 5.0mm, 4,75mm with a minimum width of 2.50mm. The minimum order for our bobbin wound products is 20k depending on the grade ordered. All of our spiral wound gaskets can be supplied on plastic ribbon or pancake coils. Our inner ring production sizes come in 3.00mm, 4.00mm and 5.00mm thicknesses and widths of 6.50mm wide to 100mm wide. Our minimum orders for inner ring production is 50kg depending on the grade. Material can be supplied as coil or in lengths of a maximum 3 metre.