Bodenfr ssystem

BDN 511


Diamond channel cutter with cariage system and 11 diamond blades for bridgeless channel cutting up to 50mm wide and 25 mm deep in one single working step 2,400W engine power and best rpm for large channel cutting even the hardest materials Tool-free adaptation to depth up to 25mm All cutting depths possible with 11 diamond blades in cut Innovative suction cover enables working close to the wall Machine is equipped withh cariage system for easy work Safe through worldwide unique Safety Tronic No overload through electronics and thus no waiting time, immediate re-start of motor Low working cost through electronical and mechanical clutch since mechanical clutch due to electronics almost wear-free Electronics for soft-start and LED-display for best cutting results Dust-free channel cutting with best suction alignment

Product features

Power 2400 W
Blade 150 mm
weight 19,60 kg

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