Product name: Medical infared thermometer Model:XL-F02 Display accuracy:0.1°C/°F Measurement range:Human mode:32.0°C~24.9°C Rcording:32sets Unit:°F/°C Period of use:3years Measure time:1s Function distance:5cm~10cm Over time:20s Relative humidity:Less than or equal to 80% Battery:d.c.3V(2 AAA batteries) Maximum error: Within 35.0°C~42.0°C±0.2°C;than 35°C~42.0°C±0.3°C Measurement(mm): 155mm*155mm*45mm(L*W*H) Weight: 90g

  • infrared ray thermometers
  • clinical thermometers
  • Thermometers

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