The shave and the depilation are important and daily causes of skin irritation. Minor scrapes, minor scratches, removal of superficial cell layers, redness, cuts, abrasions are some of the skin irritations which are caused by the shave or depilation. The creamy body milk LO is designed exactly for the prevention of such irritations. So, it contributes to the maintenance of a healthy and beautiful skin. Its main ingredients are Dragosantol, D-panthenol, Dragoderm and Vit. E as well as a series of vegetable oils which offer mild antiphlogistic, mild antiseptic and anti-drying action in order to ease the irritations and prevent their consequences.

Beauty products
  • body creams
  • Depilatory cream
  • lo creamy body milk

Product features

LO CREAMY BODY MILK Ideal for legs
Ideal for armpits Ideal for inner thighs
Ideal for chest Ideal for waist
Ideal for back Ideal areas of folds and excessive growth of hair

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