Boiler Controllers


WBL 400 All standard features are included, plus optional information management tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective service to their customers. The WBL/WDB/WCM/WDC400 Controllers have the ability to store conductivity and temperature values, water usage, relay status, and user settings. With a USB memory stick the information can be extracted. Download logs from the USB stick to a PC, or copy your preferred treatment program settings to another controller to speed start-up.  WDB400 Product features: Efficiency Precise control of conductivity and chemical feed inhibits corrosion, solids precipitation and scale build-up. The time proportional blowdown feature saves energy by reducing water consumption. Monthly Reports Download stored data from the controller to a USB flash stick. Use the data to develop reports that show actual water usage, system conductivity, temperature and more. Customer Service Identify system upsets by knowing exactly w

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