Bolted shelving system, storage rack, 2000x1000x500 mm

Starter shelving, Bolted shelves, 2000x1000x500 mm, galvanised, 5 Shelves


Our bolted shelving is a real storage-technology classic and a low-cost alternative to the SCHULTE plug-in system. To assemble the double-sided bolted shelving, angle profiles and shelves are bolted together. The system perforation in the MULTIplus150 and MULTIplus250 versions allows for flexible design with a whole host of accessories. — Bracing with corner angles — Loading and unloading of the stock items possible from both sides — Short picking routes — Assembly through bolting in the shelves — Height of the shelves can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm — Individual adaptation to spatial conditions and to the stored items with 3 shelf widths — Economically priced alternative to the plug-in system

Office shelving and filing systems
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