secutex – the gentle power against raw impact forces. If screwing or welding is not possible, just glue the secutex where impact protection is required. No problem with the secutex special bonding material. These are the advantages by gluing (nearly) everywhere applicable No drilling or welding necessary Bonding where welding or screwing is impossible Applications Thin to medium thick wood plates Glass and plexiglass Sound absorbing elements Fine wood surfaces Examples Coolhouses Painted, laminated, veneered walls and surfaces According to special requirements A proper bond requires always a good preparation … The following procedure is needed 1. Cleaning of the surface Suitable grease and siliconedissolving cleaning agents are required. This step is important to ensure that there is no dirt on the surface which may be present during the grinding or sandblasting process. 2. Roughening the surface Sandblasting or grinding of the surface are especially suitable here.

Sheet metal and strips, tinplate
  • Secutex Gentle
  • Bonding Secutex
  • Secutex Drilling

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