Zirconium diboride, the metal structure compound of hexagonal system, is a kind of senior engineering material broadly used in various fields. The composite ceramic made of zirconium diboride is featured with excellent performance due to high melting-point (3040℃), high hardness, high stability as well as good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, inoxidizability and resistance to chemical corrosion. Moreover, zirconium diboride may be used in nuke industry due to good Neutron control ability. The zirconium diboride compound by our company based on new techniques is featured with high purity, even size distribution, large specific area, high surface activity and low apparent density, etc., based on which, powder materials of coarse-grain zirconium diboride and 45-nanometer zirconium diboride are core products. ( Test report, please see the right picture )

Product features

Molecular weight 112.8
Colour gray
Boron content ≥10.8%
Density 6.08g/cm3
Melting point 3040℃
Free boron ≤0.01%


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