TiB 2 is a kind of black powder with hexagonal crystal system. Its comprehensive property is excellent. It shows perfect heat proof ability, oxidation resistance and conductivity. Its density is 4.50-4.52, melting point is 2,980 ℃ , and hardness is 3,600. The flexural strength of the hot pressed TiB 2 parts are 131.3×106Pa and it shows oxidation-resistance even at 1,100 ℃ . TiB 2 is mainly applied to various fields such as hot-pressed ceramics products with good conductivity, coating materials of cathode of industrial aluminum cells, armored titanium diboride, titanium diboride base metal ceramic, and the like.

Product features

Molecular weight 69.49
Colour gray
Boron content ≥30%
Density 4.52g/cm3
Melting point 2980℃
Bending strength 131.3×106 Pa


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