Bosch Blow-down, Expansion and Cooling Module BEM

Bosch Blow-down, Expansion and Cooling Module


The purpose of the BEM blow-down, expansion and cooling module is to recover all of the hot waste water in a steam boiler system. This blow-down is collected, expanded and cooled down to the pre-set permissible discharge temperature in the module. The module is designed for multi-boiler systems consisting of up to a maximum of 3 steam boilers. A closed, upright container mounted on a support structure, with various feed and drain connections. The lower half of the module is filled with water during operation, while the upper half serves as expansion space. The media temperature is recorded and converted to an electrical signal by the temperature measuring transducer in the lower part of the module. Combined cooling is achieved by feeding in cold, softened make-up water. The waste water is safely drained off once the permitted discharge temperature has been reached. The discharge temperature can be controlled via the water service module control.

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