MEC Optimize is integrated in the boiler control cabinet and captures all the data from the boiler and all associated system components. The operating data is stored locally for many years and evaluated via trend analyses. If the fuel consumption increases, for example, due to excessive desalting rates or soiling in the boiler, the digital efficiency assistant identifies and reports possible causes. For defined cases, it is optionally possible to send notifications directly to the operator's mobile phone via the remote connection MEC Remote. MEC Optimize not only serves as a digital boiler logbook but interprets the entered values and helps the operator to identify and correct conditions that promote corrosion or are even safety-critical. In addition, the operating mode is analysed for excessive start-ups, inefficient control of multi-boiler systems and too frequent burner cycles.

Boilers, industrial
  • Remote
  • Controls
  • System control

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Bosch system control for large-scale plants - Master Energy Control

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