Bottle 0.5 L - B.005

Industrial and Food packaging


Polyethylene 0,5 liter bottles differ by their high durability as they are produced of the high-quality HDPE polyethylene. Besides, the production of multilayer COEX polymer bottles is planned. Plastic bottles are mostly used for the fertilizers, herbicides, growth stimulators, pesticides, microfertilizers etc. The СОЕХ bottles are used for the corrosive substances based on the organic solvents. The bottles are packed into the polyethylene packages, to provide for the preservation of marketable condition and convenience of loading and unloading works, installed on the trays and tightened with the stretch film. The bottles supply around Ukraine, Europe, CIS and Russia is conducted by the qualified transportation companies. The bottles customer pick-up is possible from Vasishchevo, Kharkov region, Ukraine or from the warehouse in Belgorod, Russia. For more details call our managers or leave the application through the contact form.

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