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Cosmetic packaging has to provide product preservation without any loss of quality of the product. Manufacturers are taking the quality and the attractiveness of the package more and more into account, since it influences the purchase behaviour of the consumer. Cosmetic packaging does not only have to keep oxygen out, it also has to ensure that the active agents of the cosmetics are very well kept inside. Even when the product is in use, the package has to avoid that the perfumes or the fragrances alter. What an EVALâ„¢ barrier layer offers: Excellent barrier against oxygen and fragrance. Resistance to the chemical ingredients of cosmetic products. Keeps the perfumes and the cosmetic agents very well inside the package, even when the product is in use. Very low scalping of the ingredients. Glossy and easy printable surface when EVALâ„¢ is used as the outside layer. Flexible yet strong enough to prevent the package from being damaged during handling or transport. Typical applications

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