BottleRack perforated plastic pallet for 19-liter bottles


The special BottleRack® pallet is for 19-liter bottles. It prolongs the lifetime of 19-liter bottles. It stacks with goods in height up to 5 meters. It is made of virgin polymers that ensure its long useful lifetime. It is adapted for gripping from 4 sides with a forklift truck, stacker and hydraulic trolley. Scope of application: Pallets for 19-liter bottles Additional documents: Certificate of conformity Product passport

  • plastic packaging
  • Boxes, plastic
  • Pallet boxes

Product features

Length, mm 1200
Width, mm 1000
Height, mm 388
Static load, kg 2200
Dynamic load 1100
Maximum upload, kg 2200
Raw material PP/HDPE
Temperature -20/+45°С
Temperature cleaning (washing) +95°С
Color (standard) black
Quantity in a truck, pcs 156

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