Bottom Seal Bags and Flat Bags

Pharmaceuticals, food, construction materials, electronics – safe and securely p


High-quality blown film forms the basis for Dürrbeck’s tailor-made packaging solutions. Depending on the size, weight and volume of the goods to be packaged, the bottom seal bag and the flat bag are among the most popular types of packaging. Universal plastic bags for various purposes, they are ideal for storing and protecting pharmaceuticals, food, small electrical parts or building materials and textiles against dust, dirt or the elements. Our bottom seal bags are made for smaller-sized contents, flat bags for bulky and heavy items (from 400 x 600 mm). Bottom seal bags and flat plastic bags are easily manufactured plastic bags made of polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) – without side gussets, closures or the like. This type of packaging offers excellent protection and is an attractive, effective way to present your products.

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  • bottom seal bag
  • flat bag

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