Bowtie/Magnum Wood Stick Bundle

94mm food-grade wooden stick


Code: HE002 Size: 94mm Weight: 39 lb Packaging: 200 bundles of 50 Pieces per case: 10,000 Grade A - ideal for fully automatic machines. Made from 100% sustainably sourced birch wood, crafted in a controlled environment with less than 5% humidity. Each stick is carefully rounded on all edges, providing safety and quality while preventing unwanted splintering. Beveled Sticks: - angled edges: beveled sticks have edges that are cut or shaped at an angle, usually forming a sloping or diagonal edge along one or more sides of the stick. - smooth transition: the beveling process creates a smooth transition between the stick's main body and its edge. This can help reduce sharp corners and splintering. - tapered appearance: beveled sticks often have a tapered appearance, where one end is thicker and gradually narrows towards the beveled edge. This can add an aesthetic dimension to the stick. Birch Wood: - Smooth texture - Neutral flavor - Moderate Hardness - Lightweight

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