Box adiabatic humidifier

5.760 to 69.552 m3/h
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ADIABATIC COOL BOX PREMIUM adiabatic boxes to cool and add moisture to an air flow Adiabatic modules increase the relative humidity of the environment and in turn reduce the air temperature, they are very valuable and efficient systems in UTAS (air treatment units) providing fresh and humid air without the contribution of external energy. The cooling process is based on the evaporation of water that removes energy from the air, yielding sensible heat and cooling the environment. This phenomenon is known as evaporative cooling and its use is common in industrial premises where conventional air conditioning systems are not economically viable, they are systems with very low energy consumption and therefore very economical cold production

  • Humidifiers, air
  • adiabatic humidifiers
  • air conditioner
  • industrial ventilation

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