The Brad M23 connectors for signal and power applications fulfil the stringent requirements of reliability and performance in harshest industrial environments. The M23 signal connector series consists of field-attachable male and female cable connectors and receptacles in 6- to 19-pole, in both straight and 90° angled versions. It was developed specifically for a wide selection of cable diameters, receptacles and plugs and therefore offers high flexibility. M23 power connectors are designed for power applications up to 28A. The product range includes field-attachable cable connectors and receptacles in 6-pole (5+PE) and 8-pole (4+3+PE) versions. Just as with the modular structure of the signal connectors, these two Versions are also available in a straight and 90° angled construction. No special tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

Product features

Highest flexibility: Field-attachable pin and socket plugs
-40°C to +125°C
A wide range of cable diameters and receptacles
Front and rearmount assembly
Cable assembly and shielding in one step
Integrated locking clip secures the contacts in the insert
Simple assembly/disassembly without use of special tools
Integrated strain relief prevents cable rotation
For industrial automation, I/O boxes, safety, resolvers, etc.

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