Definition A brake light switch is an electrically powered switch that triggers the brake lights to activate when brakes are applied. Process A brake light switch operates via two wires, called a power-in wire and power-out wire. When a driver depresses the brake pedal, a plunger device contacts a metal plate, which completes an electric circuit in the switch via the two wires. The switch then activates the brake lights. Applications Brake light switches can be used for such applications as cruise control cut off and shift lock trigger. Brake light switches used for cruise control work by transmitting a signal to the car’s computer unit, which then cuts the cruise control to enable deceleration. The brake light switch also sends a signal to the computer when activating shift lock or automatic transmission. Shift lock assures the brake pedal is depressed before allowing the car to shift gears.

  • Brake light switch
  • Gear box switch
  • switch

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