Braking Resistor Unit - Sous-titre 8



A drive motor can also act as a generator. If the drive system is built so as to allow reverse power to flow then this power can be fed into a resistor, thus taking energy out of the system and causing whatever is driving the motor to slow down. Following to this the braking resistor converts the stop energy into heat. Electrical drive systems are being used more and more on ships, oil rigs, crane barges and offshore vessels of all types. An important benefit from using an electric drive is that reliable systems of regenerative and dynamic braking resistors are available to complement or replace traditional mechanical braking systems. The advantages of electric braking include control, reliability, mechanical simplicity, weight saving and in some cases the opportunity to make use of the regenerated braking energy. The Braking Resistor Units from Klöpper Therm are designed according to specific applications.