When processing wheat, spelt or other types of grain, various product components are produced, e.g. in a typical flour mill mainly wheat flour, which is used for the production of bakery products. However, bran, i.e. the husk of the wheat grain, which has a higher or lower starch content, is also produced as a by-product. This grain component is used especially in the compound feed industry for the production of animal feed. Pelleting of bran is advisable for various reasons, especially for storage and transport reasons. While bran has a low volume, compacting this product results in a higher bulk density, which reduces storage and transport costs and significantly increases profitability. Advantages of pelleting can also be found in the well-known KAHL technology. The KAHL press configuration has a specific advantage for all products with a high fibre content, which also applies to bran. Thanks to the KAHL flat die pelleting press, no pre-grinding is required. Such a by-product...


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