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Brass Forging Parts is a metal alloy that consists primarily of copper and zinc. The mechanical properties of brass depend on percentage of zinc along with several additional elements, which can vary significantly. Brass is harder and has a lower melting point than copper, but it has excellent working properties and is excellent for many end usesOrdering brass bar stock to the specified alloy composition in one of the many forms and shapes available is the typical first step in the process. Saw cutting provides blanks, sometimes called slugs, that then enter the forging or forming process. Some grades of brass alloy may be processed at room temperature, but it is most common for slugs to be heated to improve formability. Temperature for hot forging is usually in excess of 1000 degrees F but both the alloy and complexity of the configuration will determine the exact process requirements. In the forging process, the cut slugs are placed between dies and force

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