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Breathable Laminate


White laminate of spunbond nonwoven fabric and PE film with very good air-permeable properties. Unlike many laminates, it is not a transparent fabric. The thickness of the material and its softness provide exceptional comfort and reduce the production of sounds when rubbing the material while wearing it The polypropylene material is covered with a thin polyethylene film, which creates a layer resistant to synthetic blood. The laminate is made of nonwovens that can be used in the production of medical gowns and protective coveralls. Application: surgical gowns, overalls, protective clothing, medical sheets, footwear, packaging

Medical fabrics
  • Breathable
  • Nonwoven Fabric
  • transparent fabric

Product features

Name Laminate
Raw material spunbond, polyethylene
Weight 60 g/m2
Width determined individually
Color white
Rolls from 15 cm – 160 cm
Beam depending on the weight from 200 to 6000

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