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Breathable films and laminates

Breathable laminates SONTEK L


Breathable laminates SONTEK L Breathable laminates Fatra Sontek®L – permeable for gases and water vapours but impermeable to water in liquid state – suitable for use in the manufacture of disposable sanitary products – baby diapers, sanitary towels, incontinence pads and supplies for the chronically il. Product advantages Breathable for gases and vapours, resistant to water permeability in liquid form. Hygienic unexceptionable, meet the Standards EN ISO 10993-3, EN 71-3. Customer tailored backsheet. Improvement of the user comfort – better skin breathability, reduction of unpleasant side effects such as: skin inflammation, galls, etc. Textile touch and appearance. Processed materials PE NVV PE (polyethylene) is the most frequently used plastic in the world. Its annual production exceeds 90 million tons. It was developed in 1933. This invention was essential for the development of modern plastic materials, which we cannot imagine our life without anymore. From the chemical...

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