Most of the modern apartments, offices and other premises do not have forced draft ventilation installed. We rarely ventilate our rooms in order to avoid draughts, outside noise and dust from a street. Our home becomes a stuffy greenhouse and because of this our mental and physical health seriously deteriorates. Tion O2 Breezer – is a compact ventilation device with complex air purification system, air heating and climate control. It allows breathing fresh, clean and oxygenated air for eveyone living in the modern urban environment. How it works? 1. The fan draws in the outside air into the room. 2. Outside air is thoroughly purified and, if necessary, heated. 3. Fresh, clean air of a comfortable temperature supplied into the room.

Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment
  • ventilation units
  • Air purification
  • fixed air ventilation systems for domestic use


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