Brick Wall Panels - You have many reasons to prefer


• MATERIAL: Manufactured from polyester, fiberglass and stone dust. • TEXTURE: It gives an identical stone appearance with its look and texture. • WEIGHT/THICKNESS: It has a 5-8 kg/m2 average weight and a 3-5 cm thickness • SIZE: The product size is usually 133 × 285 cm, however, it can vary a few centimetres depending on the model. • UV resistance: It is absolutely not affected by ultraviolet rays. • IMPACT RESISTANCE: It is highly resistant against impacts thanks to its shock absorption feature. • WATER AND MOISTURE RESISTANCE: It is not affected by water and moisture. It can be easily used in places such as kitchens and bathrooms. • HEAT RESISTANCE: Not flammable. It can be used in the places where get intense sunlight or heat exposure. • APPLICATION: It can be easily applied to all surfaces which its rough construction is completed with screws and dowels. • FLEXIBILITY: Oval and moving forms can be given thanks to its flexible structure.