Bright Round Multi-Colour Seagrass Placemats


19.50$ HT


These bright round seagrass placemats will be a nice decoration in your house. You could use it as the placemats to decorate your dining table, you could put it on your coffee table, set of drawers, shelves and under some other items to protect the surface from scratches. Also, you can use it as a wall decoration. It will be a great item for those who want to add some boho style elements in the house. How to take care of the seagrass placemats: – Keep it away from the direct sunlight and heat sources such as a fireplace, heater, radiators etc. to avoid it to become faded and overdry. – Regularly clean the placemat with a dry or slightly damp cloth or the hand duster, wipe it in the direction of rows to avoid the dust going under the woven material. – If you spill any liquids or drop meals on a placemat, clean it with a dry towel (if necessary with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water with a neutral ph), then dry it on air or using paper towels.

Furnishings - accessories and decorative objects
  • tableware
  • shelves decoration
  • bowls

Product features

Material Sedge
Size D35xH1 cm or Customized
Color Various
Usage Placemat, Wall Decor
Packing Carton/Pallet/big bag or customize

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