The push-type aggregate LinA is able to process materials with a tensile strength. An eccentric converts the turning motion of the drive shaft into linear motion on the drive side. The cutting edge, attached to the plunger, dips into the work piece and is afterwards lifted by an integrated lifting device, which prevents drag and damage of the cutting edge when pulling the cutter out of the work piece. Advanced linear guides ensure extremely high stiffness, resulting in superior processing quality of the parts. Permanently grease lubricated roller bearings prevent heat buildup even with excessive load and make re-lubricating redundant. This in turn has a positive effect on wear and tear and necessary service intervals. Due to its modular design, LinA is compatible with all kinds of drive tapers and input shafts.

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • Broaching unit
  • Shaping
  • broaching

Product features

Max. groove width 8-10 mm
Ratio 1:1
Max. feed per stroke 0.15 mm
Max. speed 1,200 rpm

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Video: Broaching unit LinA

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