Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide

Marks 15A, 14A, 13A.
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Brown fused aluminium oxide is characterized by the high mechanical strength and hardness, chemical, corrosion and thermal resistance, thermal stability and wear-resistance property. The BFAO is used for the material processing with medium and high breaking strength, when working with variable loads and at high feed rates. The BFAO is widely used in the abrasive tools manufacturing with fixed abrasives- rougher,cutting-off and grinding; tools on a flexible base- coated abrasives, in the process of loose abrasive grains grinding. The BFAO coated abrasives are used in the structural, carbon, alloy-treated, creep-resisting, stainless and instrumental steel processing, cast iron, solid bronze, ferrous castings, pressed parts, steel castings and forgings, and other materials of the artificial and natural origin. The BFAO coated abrasives used for blasting and in refractory and ceramic industries as a component for moldings, refractory mass, solutions and antipenetration washes.

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  • Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide
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