Buckthorn Powder The buckthorn plant has been used since the period of the Hittites in Anatolia. From the dyes present in the berries of the buckthorn, yellow, green, beige, and khaki colors can be obtained using various mordants such as alum, bluestone, sulfuric acid, common salt, bichromate, lime and tin salts. Its also called sea buckthorn. The insignificant greenish-yellow flowers produce berries that long remain green and then finally turn brown or black Rhamnus petiolaris is endemic to Central Anatolia, where it grows on rocky soil at altitudes between 3,300 and 8,300 feet, now often wilder than the earlier plantations. You can use buckthorn for bot for mordanting: WOF 13-15% for protein fibers and 7-9% for cellulose fabric. According to the dye recipe; orange-yellow, olive green, khaki, bright yellow. Title: Buckthorn Powder | Anatolian Buckthorn| Persian Berries | Rhamnus Petiolaris Boiss | Sea Buckthorn | Natural Dye

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