HAND CRAFTED HORN GUITAR PICKS, HAND CRAFTED BONE GUITAR PICKS, These are made with quality raw material. Horned animals are brave and strong. The horn is a great material, ancients used it a lot for its legendary resonance proprieties. Playing a Horn pick gives the authentic feel to perpetuate this legacy... The Horn(pick)is closer to the Bone in resonance but slightly more warm. It is a fast pick that enhance the notes flows in an effortless controlled motion. I just jam over and over when I grab it, feels perfect for Shred. It's very resistant and will endure all kinds of abusive playings! Lots of plastic picks try to copy the horn unique grain but the magic is not there and the tone even less... Don't let pass your chance to play the horn pick ... you worth it well! Product:Guitar Picks Specification:Each Piece Handcrafted by Hand Size: Standard Quality:Finest Sound:Soft Materials: Buffalo Horn


Product features

Materials Buffalo Horn
Size Standard
Sound Soft

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