Buffer tanks designed in JSC “Refra” for Sanitary water lines is used to provide sanitary water which can be used under standard of hygiene. It means that cold water in the buffer tank is heated till the required temperature using the heating source and stored in the buffer tank until it is needed for consumer. Consumers are usually considered as shower cabins, wash rooms, lavatories and similar. The sanitary water can be heated up to +95⁰C so all the bacteria are eliminated – water from the buffer tank can be safely provided and used. Heating process can be executed in different ways: 1) Using stainless steel buffer tank with direct connection from the heat source to the consumer. 2) Using carbon steel buffer tank with stainless steel tank inside for heating sanitary water. 3) Using carbon steel buffer tank with stainless steel flexible hose for sanitary water (as a heat – exchanger).

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