Buffer tanks & Calorifiers
Sun system line  - REFRA, UAB


Sun system lines designed in JSC “Refra” is top quality solution for buffering energy acquired from the sun and allows serve it to the various heat consumers. It is possible to satisfy the choosiest costumers’ needs as, by having very large range of the buffer tanks, our engineers can design and propose Sun system line for every single need. Starting from simple carbon steel buffer tanks just for the heaters, continuing with stainless steel buffer tanks for sanitary water, JSC “Refra” can offer unlimited combinations using flexible hoses as heat exchangers, usual heat exchangers with Freon or glycol inside, together with electrical heat exchangers for empowering to reach needed temperature faster. Buffer tanks for Sun system lines are designed and manufactured from high standard carbon (painted) or stainless steel and are longevous. Having such buffer tanks in heating system allows having significant saving in power usage, because differently from direct connection to the consumer

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