Bullet-proof glass is made by laminating different glasses special films. Glass and film combination effectively spread the force of a bullet in a large glass area, so the glass can withstand strong shots even without violations on the other side. A simple glass shatters instantly, as soon as the bullets bounces, and bullet-proof - can withstand both one shot and more bullets entire series of blows. However, it depends on the thickness of the glass and the weapon from which a bullet. Anti Burglary class P6B thickness ~ 20 mm. Bulletproof glass class BR2‘S‘ thicknes ~ 20 mm. Anti Burglary class P8B thickness ~25 mm. Bulletproof glass class BR3‘S‘ thicknes ~ 25 mm. Bullet-proof glass: Class BR3‘S‘ ~ 31mm thickness. Classes BR4‘S‘ ~ 35 mm thickness. Classes BR6‘S‘ ~ 52 mm thickness. Classes BR7‘S‘ ~ 70 mm thickness. Safety bullet-proof glass: Class BR3‘NS‘ ~ 50 mm thickness. Classes BR4‘NS‘ ~ 86 mm thickness.

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