Bumper guards made of engineering plastics - Bumper guards and panel linings to protect from deformations and wear



Bumper guards and panel linings are increasingly made of engineering plastics, as they bring a whole lot of advantages in comparison to previously common solutions such as metal or wood. Especially ISO-LEN® 500 is often used as impact, wall or collision protection. This high-quality PE-HMW impresses with its high impact and abrasion resistance, longevity and easy mounting options. For use in supermarkets, food processing or chemical and pharmaceutical technology, the material is safe to use due to its food approval. Users can thus protect their systems, walls, etc. from undesired deformations and wear. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal material.

Product information

Solid and high performance plastic, High impact resistance & dimensional stability, Easy to clean
Fields of Applications
Packaging and materials handling, Automotive, Hospitals, nursing homes, airports, supermarkets