As vital components for electrical power distribution in telecommunication satellites and land-based arms systems, the bus bars and battery bus bars developed by Axon’ Cable ensure reliable and constant distribution of power. Advantages mass reduction : aluminium bars (Aluminium 1050A is 3 times lighter than copper) improved heat dissipation : flat shape electrical performance : high conductivity of pure aluminium Construction flexible or rigid mono-layer or multi-layers (several potentials) double electrical insulation between each conductor Ceramic coating for better mechanical resistance Interconnection of bars : ESA wires, aluminium bars or multi braid links Interface connectors : D-Sub connectors, Axon' power connectors with low contact resistance Applications Telecommunication satellites : Our busbars can distribute energy in satellite in : Different components of a battery (cells, bypass, shunt, connectors,etc) Solar panels to the voltage regulation unit Batteries to the voltage regulation unit Voltage regulation unit to different equipment in the satellite Land-based arms systems


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