Product Name:Butea Superba Extract Latin Name:Butea Superba Botanical Source:The root of Butea Superba Specification:10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 30:1 Active Ingredients:Beta-Sitosterol Appearance:Brown yellow powder Odor:Characteristic Taste:Characteristic Molecular Formula:C29H50O Molecular Weight:414.7154 Butea superba extract can stomachic. 1.Butea superba extract has good flexibility. 2.Butea superba extract can relieve sleep disturbances. 3.Butea superba extract can promote haemal circulation. 4.Butea superba extract can relieve cataract symptoms helps heal memory loss. 5.Butea superba extract can be used as a wrinkled skin aging the anti-wrinkle agent. 6.Butea superba extract can enhance physical ability and vigor, make body movement more.

Plants and herbs, medicinal
  • Butea Superba Extract
  • Beta-Sitosterol

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