Butter Ball Donut with Chocolate- and Vanilla-Cream, glazed

Ball donuts


A true treat with a delicious double filling made of chocolate cream and vanilla cream. Gold in 2016 95g 2 x 20 ready-baked Product attributes made from yeast dough with pure branded butter and fried in concentrated butter double filling of chocolate-cream and vanilla-cream appetizing glaze sprinkled with white hundreds and thousands simply defrost and serve no colouring agents no flavour enhancers no preservatives no antioxidants no hydrogenated fats/oils Suggested garnish Already decorated with an appetizing dark glaze and sprinkled with white hundreds and thousands. Processing information Take the pastries out of the package and defrost them at room temperature for 60 - 90 min. After defrosting at room temperature (max 18°C) up to max 24 hours ready for consumption. Ingredients We would be pleased to send you our detailed product specifications together with a list of ingredients on request.

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