Meets BS 6580 standard, suitable for open and closed cooling systems Cadaoil Arctic G11 -26 has especially been developed for open and closed cooling systems, according to modern requirements of the European car manufacturers Cadaoil Arctic G11 -26 can also be used for heat transfer systems and central heating installations. Cadaoil Arctic G11 -26 prevents from scale formation, corrosion, foam-building, sludge formation and leakage. The product does not affect rubber, plastics, metals, aluminum or its alloys. Cadaoil Arctic G11 -26 provides a permanent, guaranteed protection against freezing up to - 26 °C and has to be used undiluted. Never top-up with water Cadaoil Arctic G11 -26 is nitrite, amine and phosphate free.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • bs 6580
  • cadaoil arctic g11 -26
  • astm d3306

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