Silicate-free, long-life coolant TL-VW 774 F (G12+) Cadaoil Arctic G12+ -36 has especially been developed for the new generation cooling systems of modern car engines. Cadaoil Arctic G12+ -36 based on ethylene-glycol, has been approved by Volkswagen (TL 774 D) and meets the Renault D standard. Cadaoil Arctic G12+ -36 prevents scale forming and offers excellent protection against cavitation. Moreover, it protects all metals against corrosion, particularly aluminum and alloy irons, even at high temperatures Cadaoil Arctic G12+ -36 protects against freezing up to -36 °C and contains environment- friendly additives (carboxyl-acids). This technology is known under the name OAT (Organic-Acid- Technology). Cadaoil Arctic G12+ -36 is to be used undiluted, so never top-up with pure water. Lifetime of the product is 5 years or 650.000 kms for trucks or 250.000 kms for passenger cars, depending on which situation occurs first.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • astm d4985
  • Renault Type D
  • arctic g12+ -36 coolant
  • cooling systems of modern car engines
  • Silicate-free

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