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Mineral gear oil for hypoid gears and hub reductions Gearbox 80W-90 GL5 is a mineral gear oil, formulated according to the latest phosphor - sulphur technology. This special additive technology assures an excellent protection against metal-to-metal contact of the gears under the most severe operating conditions, even under shock loads. Gearbox 80W-90 GL5 contains special additives, leaving a protecting oil film for optimum corrosion protection. Furthermore, the SAE 80W-90 viscosity grade has an excellent low temperature fluidity for an optimum performance during all seasons. Gearbox 80W-90 GL5 shows an excellent oxidation and thermal stability. Seals are not affected by this product.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • Mineral gear oil
  • Mineral gear oil for hypoid gears
  • gearbox 80w-90 gl5

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