Synthetic automatic transmission fluid Dexron III G Cadaoil Gearbox ATF III G is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid, especially developed for new (after 1997) and older (automatic) transmissions build by Ford and GM, as well as for many other brands. It is also suitable for power steering systems, some hydraulic systems and for rotary air compressors where an excellent low temperature fluidity is required. Gearbox ATF III G has a very high viscosity index and offers resistance against corrosion and foam building. It also has good anti oxidation and anti-wear properties. Gearbox ATF III G has an extremely low pour point which allows easy gear shifting at cold starts. Seals are not affected by this ATF. The Dexron III G specification differs from DEXRON III F by adding two extra tests. An 'electronically controlled converter clutch (ECCC) test' and a 'sprag wear test', by which

Vehicle maintenance products
  • Synthetic automatic transmission fluid
  • Gearbox ATF III G
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • anti oxidation oil
  • Cadaoil Gearbox
  • power steering systems
  • easy gear shifting
  • rotary air compressors

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