Fully synthetic all-round automatic transmission oil Cadaoil Gearbox ATF Multi Globe is a fully synthetic automatic transmission oil, which has been especially developed for American, Japanese and Korean automatic gear boxes. It is also suitable for most European automatic gear boxes. Cadaoil Gearbox ATF Multi Globe ensures easy shifting under all operating temperatures, without unnecessary friction. Because of the low pour point and the high VI, ATF Multi Globe can be applied in a wide temperature range. Because of the excellent oxidation and thermal stability, ATF Multi Globe keeps its high properties, so it easily meets the prescribed drain intervals. A unique combination of synthetic base oils and state of the art additives, guarantee all-round, easy shifting. Special friction modifiers ensure that the special friction characteristics will not change, even after a long time.

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  • Fully synthetic oil
  • automatic transmission oil
  • GEARBOX ATF Multi Globe
  • synthetic base oils

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