CAP® (blind rivets)

Naturally air and watertight


A closed end rivet The rivet body of the GESIPA CAP ® blind rivet is absolutely air and watertight. Liquids cannot seep through, could however seep around the set rivet, if the setting hole is too large. Therefore great care must be brought to fullfi lling the hole tolerances. The GESIPA CAP ® blind rivet – The structure For technical reasons, the rivet mandrel of the GESIPA CAP ® blind rivet must be fi xed in the rivet body. However this means that the rivet body can only deform slightly during the setting process. As a result, the cap blind rivet only has marginal hole fi lling capability. However this is necessary to be able to compensate large bore-hole tolerances. The GESIPA CAP ® blind rivet – Tight connections with care The above-mentioned technical situations make careful preparation of the application imperative. The hole diameter should be as tight as possible to ensure a fl awless function in the application for a long period.

Fasteners, metal
  • Gesipa
  • Cap rivets
  • Blind riveting

Product features

Material alu/steel standard

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