"Flexible Thin Plastic Card Combinable with Cover Letter, Instruction, Payment Form, Flyer, and much more Individually shapeable High data security guaranteed Suitable for standard laser printers Easy to peel out Show who you are. These cards speak for your customers. Whether as badge with the special touch of exclusivity or as cool access-pass to a popular event. As desired bonus card for special discounts or declaration of intent in case of emergency: We have the customised solution for every application. For your customers no question remains open. For all Card-In®-Versions are directly integrated into the cover letter - enough space for all the important information. Form and map can be labelled in one go with any standard laser printer. Tell us what you need and we will find a suitable Card-In® for you. Application possibilities of Card-in®: Loyalty cards Membership cards Voucher cards Discount and bonus cards Identity cards / Passports Tickets Subscription cards Admission

  • plastic card
  • integrated card

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