CC 1000-FL ClimaCORR® advanced cyclic corrosion test cabinet

Front loading cabinet for fully automatic cyclic corrosion tests, e.g. ECC1,CCT1


Cyclic Corrosion Test Cabinet type ClimaCORR® CC 1000-FL, incl. bench cabinet, compact front loading cabinet designed to conduct fully automatic cyclic corrosion tests such as DIN EN ISO 11997-1:2006 Cycle B (previously VDA 621-415), VW PV 1210, Renault ECC1, GM 14872, Nissan CCT1 as well as other corporate tests based on ISO 9227, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 Specification: Test chamber volume: 1000 L Inner dimensions test chamber (WxDxH1/H2): 1400x800x800/1020 mm Outer dimensions casing (WxDxH): 2160 x 1000 x 2070 mm Operating temperature range: ambient < T < +80°C (accuracy +/-0,5%) Regulated humidity: ambient < RH < 95% High Humidity 98-100 % (CON) acc. to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH, AT, AHT) Advanced PLC controller with color touch screen, remote control, ethernet interface Required power supply: 400V, 50Hz, 5700W Functional systems: Salt spray Water condensation (High Humidity) Aeration with ambient AIR/ Forced Air Drying Controlled humidity (ambient < RH < 95%)

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