Cnc controlled 4 corner pvc profile welding and cleaning line enabling movement in 2-4 axes Yılmaz makine custom profile cleaning programming Manual and automatic operating modes, Automatic profile recognition Automatic profile cleaning blade with 11 sets Separate cleaning blades for color and white profiles Profile width & height and frame wing control sensor Automatic bearing lubrication system Windows based touchscreen computer Profile program transfers via USB flash memory Remote connection and technical support capability Movable control panel, In process speed changes 220 frames/8 hours ( CNC 608)-270 frames/8 hours (CNC 608) On screen alarm and warning displays Phase control system, Low pressure control system Ability to clean all 4 corners and end-of-line transfer with automatic profile rotation robot Automatic system allowing for movement in Ø3 axis (X, Y1, Y2) Yılmaz makine custom 0,2-2 mm. welding interval automatic transfer Automatic operating mode

Autogenous welding machines
  • pvc welding and corner cleaning line
  • cnc machine
  • pvc machine

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