CE100-2D through-wall radar, which is ultra-portable, handheld and durable, can provide critical information in real time about the existence and position of vital bodies behind the wall for the rescue, police anti-terrorist and quick search of targets. As the new-generation handheld through wall radar, it has the advantage of two-dimensional positioning and can be widely used in emergency rescue missions in the armed police, firefighting, earthquake relief and other special industries, which effectively improve aid quality and efficiency.

Product features

Radar system UWB(ultra wide band) radar
Antenna type Enhanced medium-coupling UWB antenna
Work Frequency 3GHZ~5GHZ
Through-wall detection distance 24cm
Detection distance ≥15m/20m
Detection Model Two-dimensional positioning; Multiple-detection of static and moving targets
Numbers of Detected targets 3~5
Wall penetration thickness 24~36cm( brick concrete)
Detection distance for static targets 15m
Detection distance for movingtargets 20m
Penetrated materials Non-metal materials like concrete, soil, rock and the material with low water content
Detection angle ±60º
Work temperature -20℃~+60℃
Automatic judgment Automatic judging the existence of vital bodies
Detection mode selection functions Section scanning; Detection by air/through-wall/debris for static/moving targets; With high/medium/l
Appearance size & weight Radar Host
size 280×120×100mm
weight ≤1.5Kg
Durable work time ≥6h

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